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We're masters of the art of rug cleaning and rug repair for every type of premium rug.  Operated by only the Persian Museum Rug Curator and Master Weaver in the country, Passion of Persia specializes in rug repair, rug cleaning, framing, wall mounting, re-sizing, appraisals and hand weaving of all fine rugs.  Premium hand-woven rugs can be very expensive to replace, which is why so many people entrust us with their Persian, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, Navajo and oriental rugs for professional hand-cleaning and museum quality restoration.


Passion of Persia also offers a wide selection of premium, hand-woven rugs for purchase.  Whether your taste is for tribal rugs, antiques, village rugs, or fine master weaver rugs, each is a work of art.  Selecting a rug for your home or office is a very personal matter, and Passion of Persia is there to ensure you make the selection that is best for you.  Like any art form, your choice reflects your likes and tastes and your rug becomes a part of your life.  A rug truly is forever, especially with proper maintenance and care.

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